Database Design, Setup and Documentation

To effectively arrange our databases, Run Stop Tech LLC uses only tested and reliable resources. And now we will get a little more specific. In database organization and setup, we mainly use database consoles and word processors, but some advanced tools are also used.

This relates to read/write metadata repositories, data modeling generators, authoring capabilities, and metadata processing. Our databases are easily adjustable, which means our design documentation makes it possible to adapt logical data models of businesses to any database management.

Data Acquisition

To make businesses bloom and take on a great amount of operations, it is necessary to constantly collect and analyze information. This is the secret to why Run Stop Tech LLC prefers to choose the most sophisticated techniques and systems when mining data.

Data mining, or in other words, data acquisition (DAQ) makes it possible to store and analyze data that is essential for the optimization of business strategies online in large volumes.

Data Standardization & Cleaning

We at Run Stop Tech LLC are building our management strategy by putting great emphasis on data analysis and standardization. From time to time, we clean data to keep it current and make sure it is still useful, valuable, and complete.

Data standardization and cleaning are advantageous in terms of business, because these procedures cut expenses, boost productivity of databases, draw customers, and more.

Database Administration & Updating

Database administration is what Run Stop Tech LLC pays particular attention to. The updating and maintenance of databases requires strict adherence to the policy of database system management.

Our crew of qualified and skilled database administration specialists that deal with the extraction, transformation, loading of data as well as software installation and maintenance, bear full responsibility for their own work, that’s why we completely rely on them in the matter of data administration and management.

Data Validation

Along with data acquisition, data verification is one of the most crucial phases of doing business. If the data validation systems that are used for data verification are of high quality, then business data will be processed easier and faster.

The adjustment of data verification rules simplifies data quality standards compliance. To boost data accuracy, Run Stop Tech LLC opts for data integration platforms that are fully automated.

Custom Reformatting & Data Conversion

To code and convert data, it is crucial to use different types and formats of data files. Unfortunately, a common data file format that will comply with all needs and demands is unlikely to ever be created.

Whether we want it or not, the fact is that data conversion still remains indispensable. Both data conversion and formatting need cutting-edge tools and instruments that help us keep afloat even if a transition of data takes place.

Database Hosting

Database hosting and administration are two parts of a whole. We at Run Stop Tech LLC use the cloud services that we have created by ourselves, and this approach helps us achieve max productivity in our business. Besides, choosing our own cloud-based services is practical and appropriate, especially since our business development is a closed-loop. This strategy helps us remove the need for third-party hosting providers and profit from robust and reliable database platforms.

Complete Backup, Recovery and Archival

A risk avoidance strategy is crucial for financial stability and business success, and data damage can severely undermine the success of any company. To stay safe and protect our databases from data loss, Run Stop Tech LLC uses the latest backup and recovery digital solutions.

Our digital solutions have built-in data recovery algorithms, and we guarantee that our products are protected against data damage and other unpleasant events that could lead to financial losses.